Cool things #21: Overhead

One of my favorite things I've listened to in ages is this TED Talks Radio talk by Dan Pallotta entitled "Do We Have The Wrong Idea About Charity." This is a must-listen for anyone who works in the non-profit sector (hint: that's all of you) and succinctly sums up what I mean when I say "I hate non-profits.

You learn something new everyday: Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes.

As a soon-to-be inhabitant of not one, but two major cities, this piece has me thinking about the sustainability of urban culture in the age of the 1%

I'm sure most of us will be around water and swimming this summer. Please take a minute to read this: Drowning doesn't look like drowning.

And finally, more thoughts on the internet and how it's affecting us socially, this time from Jonathan Safran Foer, adapted from his commencement speech at Middlebury College: How Not to Be Alone.

And finally:

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via reddit