Cool things #28: Tinkering with processes

We had round one of NYC Producer Boot Camp this past week, and at the end I went over some of the processes I've put in place to keep myself organized. I wanted to share them with the full list, and I'd love to hear what you all use that works well for you. I'm constantly trying new tools and services - tinkering around with them has helped refine my processes. These are the tools that have made the cut and I use consistently!

Nicole's list of things used to make life easier:

  • Toodledo
    • I started using Toodledo about 7 years ago, and every time I try something new I come running back quickly. The interface isn't the prettiest, but it has all the features I need:
      • Repeating tasks
      • Sorting into folders
      • Create notes through email
      • Good ios apps
      • Notes on tasks
  • Boomerang
    • Boomerang for gmail allows you to have an email circle back to your inbox at a time in the future that you set. You can also set it to only circle back if you don’t get a response, which is great for not dropping the ball on items that are in someone else's court.
  • Google Calendar
    • I'm shared on 37 calendars, and yet it never seems overwhelming. I love inviting people to events so we all have the info in the same place!
  • Evernote
    • Great for taking notes, organizing resources that you may need in the future, and managing long term projects
    • If you really want to USE it, get into the notebooks and tags.
    • I use evernote to do the cool things email by putting everything I want to read into evernote, then tagging it with "read" and placing it in the appropriate folder and out of my default folder after I've read it. Then on Monday I click the "read" tag and I have a list of everything I've read that week to choose from!
  • Evernote Hello
    • Scans business cards and creates a record of people you've met, to which you can add future meetings. Syncs with evernote but not, unfortunately, with google contacts.
  • 1password
    • Amazing password manager, password generator and more. Definitely worth the price - it's made me so much faster on the computer because I don't have to try 3 passwords for every site before remembering the right one. And it's made my accounts more secure because I'm using a unique password for every site.
  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts
    • <3
  • TypeIt4Me 
    • I have a whole "Story Pirates" section with all of our templates, plus a few email template for emails I have to send a lot, like responses to initial inquiries!

What do you guys use that makes your life better?

Also, I went to the Boston Aquarium yesterday and now all I want is this (via @al3x).