Cool things #29: Kids - computers & covers & Chris

 Traveling with kids turns my brain to mush, so hopefully all these links work!!

Kids can't use computers, and why it should worry you. 

They click ‘OK’ in dialogue boxes without reading the message. They choose passwords like qwerty1234. They shut-down by holding in the power button until the monitor goes black. They’ll leave themselves logged in on a computer and walk out of the room. If a program is unresponsive, they’ll click the same button repeatedly until it crashes altogether.

How the hell did we get to this situation? How can a generation with access to so much technology, not know how to use it?

Kids covering Crystal Castles...a cappella. 

If you haven't seen the Aston Kucher acceptance speech, here it is - pair it with this monologue and this blog post.

And this is my life: Micah's new favorite song. Original version and awesome outfits here.