Cool things #27: The news today

Relatively few online links since I spent last week in an internet-free cabin in Maine reading the last 3 months of New Yorkers in magazine form, as well as diving into this excellent book (the sequel to this book, which I think I linked to on here several months ago).

1. Today's news is news: John Henry bought the Boston GlobeJeff Bezos is buying the Washington Post. 

2. I made the mistake of bringing up MOOCs in a discussion with a English Lit PHD candidate last week. If you're interested in the anti-MOOC argument, check out this article:

MOOCs are how you'd structure higher education if you believed there were no future.

And if you've been hearing that humanities studies are on the decline, think again.

3. Michael Lewis long read about the Sergey Aleynikov case. I think everyone should just publish under this license.