A Vegan in Spain, Part 1: Madrid

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Eating vegan in a country where you don't speak the language and haven't done any research before landing on the ground!

Thank god for Happy Cow.


Madrid was by far the easiest place to find actual vegan restaurants. We had some delicious food!

tl;dr Check out B13 for dinner, Rayén and Prasad for lunch, and Nuria for Ethiopian.


We took a red eye from New York to Madrid, and slept for most of our first day in Spain. After waking up hungry and grumpy, we headed in the direction of a restaurant recommended by the concierge. Big mistake. Not only was there barely any vegan items on the menu, it wasn't open. A quick Yelp/Happy Cow search yielded B13, and while fairly skeptical due to lack of details online, it was a five minute walk from where we were standing and it was getting cold. Plus did I mention the grumpy? 

B13 feels like a cafe in Brooklyn. They had a menu in English, and we ordered a ton of food, then ate it all! Standout items:

Perrito caliente con salsa pepinillo y cebolla crujiente (Hot dog with relish and crispy onions)

Perrito caliente con salsa pepinillo y cebolla crujiente (Hot dog with relish and crispy onions)

Hamburguesa (Hamburger)

Hamburguesa (Hamburger)

Croqueras (croquettes) - Not pictured.

la oveja negra

Sadly, we arrived at this vegan / vegetarian tapas bar in between lunch and dinner, so we weren't able to try the food. It was fun to stop in for a drink!


Who wouldn't like a restaurant where you get a dinosaur dining companion?

2014-03-26 08.28.59.jpg

The food at Rayén was fantastic. You had a choice of an appetizer, main course, and desert. We both had the soup followed by the lasagna. It was amazing. There's no menu to refer to as it changes daily, but don't let that deter you!

Bonus: a short walk from the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza


Prasad is a yoga studio - massage studio - cafe. After sleeping in and missing breakfast, we headed over here for lunch. Arriving on the early side for lunch in Spain (1:20pm) we had to wait a bit for the food to cook, but when it was ready it was right out of the oven and delicious. Again, you picked from a choice of two appetizers, two mains, and a dessert. We started with soup, then I had a paella and A had a roasted squash dish, followed by coffee and tea - we were too stuffed for dessert!


Yup, we went to Spain and ate Ethiopian food. You like what you like! As you can tell from the pictures, we didn't like it at all.

2014-03-26 21.43.42.jpg
2014-03-26 22.03.41.jpg

And that was Madrid! Next up: Granada

Go vegan graffiti, Madrid

Go vegan graffiti, Madrid