There aren't any cats in the house (anymore)

I really thought that first cat was one of the kittens we’ve seen playing in our backyard for the past couple of weeks. I know better than to feed a mamma cat! But I had a can of sardines that, let’s face it, I was never going to eat even tough they’re supposed to be super good for you, lots of omega-3’s etc. 


I fed the cat (on the windowsill!) and she let me pet her and was super sweet. And then she left. And that was that. 

Until 5 minutes later when I heard “plop, plop, plop” and turned around to see 3 kittens falling into the apartment.

They’re all out now - they seem pretty scared of humans - but it’s cold out and supposed to get worse tonight. 

And if it was just me I would let them all in but:

a. My roommate would kill me

b. My roommate would kill me

c. Seriously. I’d be dead.

So now they’re out there looking all sad and cold so…

Who wants a cat?