What was Ideas for use?

I have plenty of ideas that start or end with "someone should..." because that someone can't (or shouldn't) always be me. This tumblr was supposed to be a collection of those ideas. The other thing that comes with having plenty of ideas is not having enough time to post them on the internet.

Get your game food on

Here’s what I came away from yesterday’s game with - I wish it was a Pat’s win, but alas:

Football Season Beer & Snack subscription service.

Sign-up and pick your team. Choose delivery for the day before or the day of the game. Have beer and snacks delivered to your house before your team’s games. Additionally choose the play-off & superbowl add-on packages.

It’s pretty simple (in theory), but it would have saved us two trips to the store yesterday!

DMV ID app

I renewed my license this morning. It took one hour standing in line outside before they opened and twenty minutes in the DMV. Twenty minutes isn’t bad, but it took and hour and a half to prep for the visit because they DMV website is completely obtuse. An hour and a half to figure out what forms to print and bring with me and what ID I needed to have.

In the twenty minutes I was in there, I saw 3 people get turned away because they didn’t have the right ID. How much time and frustration could be saved, for the employees and the customers, if there was a simple online guide to your DMV visit?

The proof of ID is on a points system. You have to figure out what your points are by looking at this PDF, which was not easy to find. Why not create a checklist asking people what IDs they have that adds up their points at the bottom? 

My ugly example:


Someone do this as a school design project. Release it as an app. Make everyone’s life a little easier every five years!